This book is dedicated to the noble men and women of the U.S. military who are fighting the global war on terrorism and to the loyal people of CACI who support them.

All royalties donated to disabled veterans’ charities, for those who have proudly served our nation.

"How refreshing to see a company that is helping to protect our men and women in uniform defend its good name and reputation against an agenda-driven press corps that was all too quick to rush to judgment. Jack London and his research team at CACI took the time to get the facts right and document the media bias and shoddy reporting that occurred during the Abu Ghraib scandal. This book sets the record straight concerning CACI’s role at the now infamous prison." (more)
Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine
I believe him when he says their goal was to get the truth out. This book is a good contribution to the discussion of the media's power as well as the role contractors play in government operations."
"The publication of the book is in keeping with how London and CACI approached this scandal from the start. They were very proactive in attacking what they saw as falsehoods. (more)
Nick Wakeman, Editor, Washington Technology
CACI's London Makes Strong Defense of 'Good Name' (more)
Dan Gainor, Business & Media Institute
Their Good Name (more)
Ericka Andersen, Human Events
New Book Defends CACI's Good Name (more)
David Stegon, Tech Bisnow
Tylenol, Victorian Poems and an Open Bar: Jack London Book Signing Had it All (more)
Been There, Wrote That: ExecutiveBiz Hosts Jack London Book Signing (more)
With new book, CACI looks to restore “Our Good Name” (more)
Brian Lustig, ExecutiveBiz Blog

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CACI Responds to False Information in New York Times Editorial

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